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Are German Shepherds the right breed for you.

Not everyone should own a German Shepherd. Please take a moment and make sure this breed is right for your lifestyle.


German Shepherds and families

7 reason's you may want to look into a beagle!

For (1) active families who are looking for a versatile pet, German Shepherd Dogs must be one of the top choices. They can be a house pet and at the same time, they can also be a working dog such as a guard, SAR, or police dog. It ts known to all that German Shepherd Dogs are popular police & military dogs. However, their gentle character is one of the reasons why they can be an amazing pet for kids. With the right training, they can blend amazingly well with people in your household even while performing the duties of a guard dog at the same time.

This is quite contrary to the common impression that german shepherds are fierce dangerous dogs. The characteristics of a german shepherd dog generally are, extremely intelligent, quick to learn, and loyal to his master. If you are well-versed about this breed, you can maximize this dog‚ potentials to your benefit. Choosing a german shepherd as your family pet depends most often on the type of lifestyle that you live and your (2) purpose of getting a pet. They need ample amounts of daily exercise (3) to release their energies. if they are not given enough time to exercise outdoors, they tend to be overexcited and restless both in mind and body.

You need to ensure that you have the time to accompany your pet outdoors for play and training (4). They need special attention for trainings and exercise that is why owners of this breed must be aware of their obligations (5). Otherwise, having this pet may just be a pain in the head and rump. Prior to owning one, its best to know this stuff up front. Do not be an irresponsible owner because you may not only cause problems for your household but to others as well and most importantly to me, to my kids. Training a german shepherd is not too complicated since their breed is basically easily trainable and wicked smart. Quick learners and smart, so dont worry about their capacity to cope with the training, they usally love it!.

You do however need to at least have enough knowledge in training this particular dog breed if you intend to handle the training yourself. Training must start while the dog is still young (6). The latter and sloppy training for that matter, creates a greater tendency that german shepherds will be more difficult to handle. A guide to german shepherds would often recommend that you need to implement a firm training on this breed. It is important that they learn proper behavior while they are young so that they can be easily handled when they mature. Like training any other dog breed, positive reinforcement through compliments and rewards are highly recommended for german shepherd dogs, too.

Having a healthy and well-trained dog could bring in a lot of joy and pride to you and your family. They are considered to be as one of the best dogs in the world to own. if you plan to own this type of breed, then stuff yourself with enough information on raising german shepherd dogs (7). It's really not all that diffucult, as you dedicate more time and effort to raising this breed, the more you will get out of the relationship with a German Shepherd, its unlike anything you have experianced before.

If your not able or don't have the means for the seven real important points I have highlighted from this article choose a different breed. It wont be fare to try it and see. I'll go over each below.


  • (1) German Shepherds are active dogs. They, for the most part require an active lifestyle. For an optimal experience for my kid and your family, expect to take them with you as often as you can. Shopping, hiking, walking, running and or sport activities will be a must. This breed requires activities and new stimulation.

  • (2) What's the purpose? A companion and or family pet, that once nurtured, will offer a level of protection and an unparalleled return of love. That would be one of the many great reasons for choosing this breed. There are lots more. Please remember this is one breed that requires some specific needs from you. Choosing this breed for just its famed protection abilities and not devoting the attention it needs will end up in a tragedy for someone, the puppy your family or both.

  • 3) Daily exercise: They will need to run, jump, chase, train, hike, walk, wrestle, learn and love on a daily basis. Not necessarily all at the same time. :)~

  • 4) Outdoor time: In most cases, this breed is not an apartment dog. To active and to big. I have seen it work for some people, but it does present a few more challenges. Single people should also note, that if you have a long day at the office, the remote and an arm chair wont be the first thing you will be doing upon arrival at home. First, they will want some serious lovins from you second its romp around time, outside preferred.

  • 5) Ignoring four: A happy German Shepherd is a tired one. Really bad habits and behaviors arise from a lonely, unexercised mind and body of a German Shepherd. For the best experience, one that will most likely be unlike any other you have had with a pet, lots of love, lots of exercise and lots of of 6.

  • 6) Lets Train. German Shepherds require a leader. They will happily lead you if you fail in your obligation to be that leader. Training helps establish your rank and will begin in some form 72 hours after you bring your puppy home and will most likely not end, for many, many years. Training does not have to be in a field learning a protection or obedience trick. It can be something as fun as getting your paper or learning a new word like in or out. Training must be done with a shepherd early. You must consistently teach them any and all appropriate behaviors for your situation from the get go.

  • 7) Knowledge: Stuff your self with knowledge will optimize your experience with this breed. Do that before you choose a breeder and before you bring your puppy home. This is not the appropriate breed to bring home without doing your homework!

  • Still Here? Great your about to embark on relationship that you and your family will cherish for ever. German Shepherds offer one of if not the most satisfying and deeply connected pet relationships you will ever encounter. They are the best at nothing and the second best at everything!